Are your patio pavers looking dull and dirty? Learn how to clean them safely by hand, with tips from our experts.


Do your patio pavers need a good washing, but you’re not sure how to do it without a pressure washer? The great news is, you can restore your pavers with just a few tools, materials and a bit of elbow grease.

Although pavers are known for their durability, pressure washing may damage them if you’re not careful or use the wrong equipment. Conversely, properly maintaining and cleaning pavers keeps them looking good for years.

“Pavers are durable but do need some light routine maintenance to keep them looking clean and fresh,” says Joe Raboine, vice president of design at Belgard/Oldcastle APG. “You should regularly sweep off your paver patio to remove dirt, debris and leaf buildup.

“If your pavers are in a wooded, shady area and you keep things swept often, you should only need to perform a thorough cleaning annually. If your pavers are in a sunny location, you may only have to clean them every few years.”

Read on to learn how to clean your patio pavers without a pressure washer. Note: If stains are too severe for a DIY cleaning job or your pavers are starting to wear, contact a professional for an assessment.

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Before You Start

Here’s some recommended prep work from our experts:


Step 1: Remove Objects and Debris

Step 2: Saturate Pavers With water

Step 3: Make a Mixture of Water and Dish Soap

Step 4: Wash Pavers With Push Broom

Step 5: Rinse Pavers and Air Dry

How to Clean Patio Pavers With Tough Stains

If your patio pavers still have stains after you wash them, here’s another step you can take:

Step 1: Mix Cleaning Solution

Step 2: Scrub Pavers With Scrub Brush or Outdoor Push Broom

Step 3: Let the Cleaning Solution Sit

Step 4: Rinse Away the Cleaning Solution and Let Dry

Raboine suggests tackling stains with a specially formulated cleaning solution when needed. If your pavers harbor organic stains from leaf buildup, spray on a solution specifically for those kinds of stains. He suggests this Organic Stain Remover for moss, mildew and dead leaves, following the manufacturer’s directions.

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