Speed bumps are great! Said no one, ever. Speed bumps are designed to slow drivers down and protect pedestrians from aggressive drivers. They’re made to slow vehicles on the road, neighborhoods, and parking lots and most often used in areas with speed limits of 35 MPH or less. Many drivers wonder what kind of damage speed bumps can cause to their cars. At Sun Auto Service, we often get asked if speed bumps are bad for your suspension and if wheel alignment cause slips after a speed bump. The answers really depend upon how you approach a speed bump.

Drivers who zoom over speed bumps are likely to cause severe damage to their car. Consider this, when going over a bump at a high rate of speed, it’s equivalent to hitting every component in the car with a hammer. Ouch! Your car is designed to be tough enough to handle certain bumps and thumps, but the more intense and often they occur, the harder it is on those components and will eventually lead to costly repairs.

In some cases, poorly designed speed bumps can cause damage to vehicles, regardless of the speed the driver is traveling. If a vehicle moves over a speed bump without slowing, it can cause minor damage to the vehicle’s frame. Cars with low ground clearance should be driven over speed bumps carefully and sometimes at an angle to avoid serious damage.

Don’t make a habit of racing over speed bumps no matter the size of your vehicle. Here’s how speed bumps damage your car:

Speed bumps are beneficial and help promote safe driving to protect nearby pedestrians from potential tragedies. When traveled over properly, speed bumps can be relatively harmless to your vehicle.

How can you avoid causing damage to your shocks, steering, exhaust system and tires from speed bumps? The answer is simple. Go slow. Going over a speed bump at about 3 MPH is very easy on your car. It allows the springs and shocks to compress gently so that they can absorb the bump, and properly decompress. You can prevent the annoying squeaks and vibrations in your car from loose, and potentially lost parts, as a result of excessive speeding over speed bumps, just by slowing down.

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