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Your Extensive Guide to How to Park in a Parking Lot

How to Park in a Parking Lot

A parking lot is a public space it is essential to know how to park in a park properly to utilize the space fully as well as avoid any unpleasant accidents from happening. We will take a look into the extensive tips and techniques for everyone’s sake!

How to Park in a Parking Lot: Pro Tips

Park in Between The Lines

As in pre-school one of the first lessons we learn is to color inside the lines. The same rule applies here when you are parking. You need to be aware of the lines called parking lots stripping lines on the spot when you are ready to park. You should straighten your vehicle and park in between the lines that are on the spot. It is essential to do so as this will make getting out and into the car easy as well as loading and unloading the trunk.  

Only Use One Spot

It is key to understand that when you are parking one vehicle just take up the space for one vehicle, not more. Even if the parking lot is empty take up one as a rule, as the other spaces can be utilized by others.

Refrain From Tailgating Other Drivers

Being short on time and finding parking is always stressful and frustrating. But it is crucial to give drivers a safe amount of space to avoid any inconveniences that would take up more of your time. Always maintain a safe distance and leave enough room for your car and another car whether it is behind you or ahead of you.

Make Sure Your Parked Car is Visible

Sometimes drivers with small cars tuck their cars way into the spaces and this makes it hard for other drivers to see that there is a car in front of them. Parking where it is visible will save you from unpleasant situations as well as not fool the drivers into thinking that there is an empty spot available.

Do Not Block Other Cars

When in a rush or sick of hunting for spots, it can be tempting to park your cars in very tiny spaces that do not comfortably suit the size of your vehicle making it difficult for you and your neighbors to load and unload things, get in and out of the cars. Leaving a comfortable amount of space will ensure that your vehicles will be saved from dents and other scratches. So, if you think it is a tight spot for you to leave the car, you need to find a different spot.

Park in an Allocated Spot

Look at the signs and symbols made on the road. There are many specific signs like disabled parking, electric vehicles, employees, and visitors. Always make sure to park in a spot that suits you.

Engineers and architects design the parking lot new layouts taking into consideration all sorts of drivers. You just need a little patience and you will find the right spot for yourself. Also always make sure that you park within the lines to respect the other parkers.

Check Your Mirrors

As obvious as it sounds it is essential to check your rear and side mirrors when you are going to park or taking a car out of the parking lot. It is very common for accidents to happen when the drivers do not take a look at their surroundings and pull out of the car, as the next thing you know there is a car behind. Always make sure to check your mirrors to avoid accidents.

Make Sure to Turn The Signals

It is essential to indicate with your indicators or lights to let the other vehicles know what you are about to do in terms of pulling the car out or going to park. If the car is behind you, it would be best to turn your lights on for them to ensure that they keep a safe distance from you. In case your signals are out of order use your hands to indicate what you are doing as any signal is better than no signal.

Keep Hands Just to Your Car

One of the most annoying things to hear in a parking lot is the car alarms going off and beeping out loud. Mind your hands, carts, and doors from touching the other cars to prevent the alarms from going off and driving the people around crazy with the beeping sounds.

Do Not Follow Strangers

It will not be a lie to say that we have all been there. During rush hours or busy lots, we often tend to go after another driver in the hopes that we will find a spot there too. Often people follow pedestrians who are going towards the car assuming that they are about to leave the space, as it very much indicates that they are leaving but also can put the strangers in an unsafe and awkward spot as they might sit in the car but are not leaving. Lurking around also makes one get distracted and prone to accidents.

Do Not Jump The Front Line

When you find the spot park between the lines but do not move ahead of the frontline as this will result in you taking up space for another car.

Watch Out For Pedestrians

You need to always keep an eye on the road and give people time and space to cross the roads and get in and out of the cars.

Take Parking Restrictions Into Consideration

Make sure to check and read all stop sign installation and posters when you are parking to be aware of all the requirements parking fees etc. to avoid parking tickets, getting your car towed, or worse.

Cannot Pick “dibs”

Until your vehicle has been parked in place you cannot say that it is your spot. No matter how busy the parking lot is you need to practice patience and if not go find a spot in any nearby parking spot.

Watch Out For Fire Hydrant

Keeping eyes on the road is essential but also the surroundings you do not want to end up parking near a fire hydrant. Firstly, because it can get you a ticket and secondly it can disrupt the way for an emergency.

Final say

Parking lots are essential spaces to park your vehicles as they are made in such a way that cars can fit in an organized manner. However, no matter how big, full, or empty a parking lot is, the etiquette should be followed and rules should be obeyed at all times to prevent any mishaps from occurring. Certain steps should be followed to keep the surroundings aware in terms of parking like the use of indicators. To avoid disturbances in the parking lot make sure to keep your hands to yourself so you or your certain things do not bump into other cars making the alarms go off. Also, be aware to stay in your lane and give people the time and space to carry out their functions in and out of the parking lots.

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